Indy J Jewellery

is about connection
within yourself and with the

people you love.

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Indy J Jewellery is for mothers, daughters, soul friends, and people like me who feel that jewellery can carry a special meaning that speaks to your heart when you need it.

Our jewellery reminds you what you hope for on a rough day. It marks the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter when times are good and when times are bad. It grounds you in what’s important when life is coming at you from all directions.

"What people are saying"

“I purchased some Indy J Jewellery for my sisters and closest friend. They were very pleased because I had chosen pieces that specifically matched their style and taste. Indy J Jewellery is a fantastic choice if you are looking for that special and unique gift to suit your loved ones’ style at an affordable price.” 

Dianne D

“I personally visited Casey to choose my piece and found the mother and daughter team welcoming and helpful. With a fresh cup of coffee beside me, I loved choosing my ring with a pearl set in a sterling silver oyster shell. I wear it often and it looks good with anything I wear.”

Trudy E

“I bought myself a silver smoky quartz ring to replace a ring that was stolen. I picked it up from Casey in person and she made me feel like an important customer. I haven’t felt much self-worth since my surgery for breast cancer, so thank you Casey for being so lovely, genuine and friendly. I ended up choosing a citrine ring for myself as well and I really enjoy wearing them both.” 

Alison N

“My first piece of Indy J Jewellery was a pair of frangipani earrings. The design is exquisite and dainty – they are still my favourite earrings and frangipanis are still my favourite flower. I’ve since bought several more pieces because the quality is excellent, the pricing is really affordable, and all the pieces I have bought are unique, so I don’t have to worry about seeing someone else with the same bracelet, earrings or necklace.” – Bridget K

Bridget K

“My finger size is large and it’s hard to find rings that fit, so I was pleased to find inclusive sizing in the Indy J Jewellery range. I chose an Indian silver ring with a smoky quartz stone because I liked the design and the price was reasonable. I found Casey to be extremely fast in her communication, very patient and reliable.” 

Dorte K

“I wanted to buy a beautiful silver ring but unfortunately it didn’t come in my ring size.  Casey tried to find a ring that fit but unfortunately there was nothing in the range at the time. Casey promised to contact me when she had one that would fit. True to her word, Casey got in touch when the right piece became available. Thank you Casey x” 

Brenda B

“I bought a Serenity Prayer silver bangle for myself and I wear it most days as a reminder to keep my life simple. I found the silver to be of high quality and I would choose Indy J Jewellery again, if I wanted to treat myself to something special in the future.”

Sheryl S

“Indy J Jewellery is always great quality and up with the latest fashion trends. I bought myself a silver chain with a charm on it and I love wearing it all year round.” 

Christine S

Crafted from Sterling Silver and embellished with semi-precious stones, each piece has been curated for the beautiful craftsmanship and the unique properties that each stone holds within it.

“My hope for you is that Indy J Jewellery empowers you and your loved ones with confidence, love and light!”    

                        Casey Everett, Founder












“My hope for you is that Indy J Jewellery empowers you and your loved ones with confidence, love and light!”    

Casey Everett, Founder