Indy & I

As a child I instinctively collected shiny things. Metal ring tops, keys, my Mum’s old lipstick cases. As I got older I became fascinated with crystals and stones, both for their beauty and their spiritual and energetic properties. I kept them under my pillow for comfort, and found that they held symbolic meaning for me at different stages throughout my childhood.

To my delight, my own daughter Indy took a similar interest in crystals and stones, extending her collection to include feathers, flowers and wood. Anything that had a special meaning or symbolism to her was boxed away in a collection under her bed. I called her my little magpie.

Inspired by my little girl, I rediscovered my own love of semi precious stones and crystals. What started out as our little collection, something special between the two of us, has now grown into our passion, and we feel honoured to share it with you.

These pieces aren’t just meant to be pretty. They are about a shared love of beautiful things. The hours it takes to make one special piece reflects the hopes I have for Indy and the lengths I would go to guide her away from my own mistakes and onto her own authentic path. The little hand crafted imperfections mirror how I don’t always get it right as a mother, and yet the overall piece is more beautiful because of these imperfections, just like my relationship with Indy.

Indy J Jewellery is for mothers, daughters, soul friends, and people like me who feel that jewellery can carry a special meaning that speaks to your heart when you need it. My hope for you is that our jewellery empowers you and your loved ones with confidence, love and light!